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FRC Dancers App

The sister app to the ADFP Schools app, the FRC Dancers app is an app that allows dancers to view their own results and profiles.

The Project

After completing the ADFP Schools app, the FRC approached us to create an app that can be distributed directly to the dance students as opposed to the schools.

Up until that point, the dancers didn't have visibility of their own grades and results, and they had to register to competitions using an ID card that needed to be upgraded upon every grade or year group change, which was costing the FRC over £12,000 every year.

Our Solution

The introduction of the FRC Dancers App meant that dancers could now have visibility of their grades and results close to real-time, and that they didn't require physical ID cards anymore as that system was replaced by QR codes in the app.



Rest API


Denise - FRC Chair

Choosing Eden Tech was one of the best decisions we made for our business. Their expertise and personalised service set them apart from the competition

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